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Tantra Bodywork

Integrative Soma Soul bodywork - bodywork to integrate aspects of the soma, psyche and sexual bodies within the container of the session. This unique session offers an opportunity to directly access and integrate aspects of the conscious, unconscious, mind and body, heart and soul, light and shadows within the client.


My Training is extensively in bodywork, emotional release, somatic embodiment and sacred sexuality, having  trained in Traditional Shiatsu bodywork and therapy with bodywork masters, Tantra and Practitioner Training with world renown tantra bodywork Practitioners. I have 7 years of experience and practice in these fields. 


Each session is unique and tailored to the intent of the client. Within the session there will be opportunities to check in with consent and boundaries as they emerge, and the session will follow the individuals needs as they arise.


Sessions always include:


~Intentions, Boundary setting, initial consult. 

~Guided meditation and breath practices for regulating the nervous system, settling and calming the body 

~Full bodywork including elemental touch, grounding, activating (sometimes intense) and nourishing all parts of the body within set boundaries. 

~Guidance to release emotional triggers, tension and stuck energy in the emotional, psychological and physical bodies. 

~Bringing awareness and aliveness to the body through active awareness and loving presence

~A calming deep relaxation closure to the session for integration.

About Tantra Bodywork

Tantra bodywork is a practice that combines traditional tantric principles with modern bodywork techniques to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It involves the use of various massage techniques, breathwork, meditation, and energy work to help individuals connect with their bodies, release tension and blockages, and experience heightened states of pleasure and intimacy. Tantra bodywork is often used as a tool for personal growth, healing, and expanding one's consciousness. It can be a deeply transformative and liberating experience, allowing individuals to tap into their full potential and experience more joy and fulfillment in their lives.


Free 15 min Initial Phone Consultation

~Tier 1 offering ~

Initial Consultation Session $150 - 1.5 hours

Shiatsu bodywork, Emotional release practices and opportunity to clarify ad ground into intentions and goals  - essential for first time clients.

Soma Soul Tier 1 sessions may be repeated after the initial 90 min session.


~Tier 2 offerings ~

60 min $250 

90 min $350

for clients who have received at least one session

Includes full Integrative Soma Soul bodywork with options for full body mapping, pleasure and sensation mapping and integrative practices. Full body oil massage.

Studio Location: 

South Golden Beach, NSW Australia
Callouts available within 20 km $30 surcharge.


Phone, text or email to apply now:

(02) 4017 1171

I recieved what was a very helpful Zen Shiatsu Massage with Ali today. It was amazing how Ali worked with the subtle body energies and how I was able to feel just how stirred up these energies were. The messages I recieved suggested I needed to give my body some quiet time each day in order to recharge these energies and to prevent them from being constantly drained.
Very grateful!
Rating ★★★★★

Michelle Walsh

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