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Products Available


Handmade Cured Moxa


Hand made fine Moxa, cured for one year. 

Made from Artemisia vulgaris L. (common mugwort)


Chickweed Salve


Chickweed Balm - great for summer! 

A balm for bites, scratches and heat inflammation on the skin.

External use only


Muscle Relax Balm


Muscle Relax Balm 

Heating balm for tense and sore muscles. 

Hand made in small batches with local home grown herbs and local beeswax.


St Johns Wort Body Oil


St Johns Wort Oil is a magickal oil which has potent abilities to heal nerve damage and nourish the nervous system through appllication on the skin.

It is known as "Herbal Sunshine" as the flowering plant is in full bloom in bright yellow on the Summer Solstice. This powerful plant ally has been such a gift to have met in my life and has assisted in profound healing through many injuries of the nervous system throughout my life. 


Herbal Ear Oil


Ear Oil - herbal oil for ear infections. 

Olive oil infused with St Johns wort and Garlic. 

Instructions - warm the bottle and apply 10-15 drops in the ear twice daily.

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